An effective way to build customer loyalty is the application of gamification to its products and services. Also known as gamification, this marketing technique consists of applying mechanisms from the gaming world to strengthen the commitment of its consumers. This technique has already been adopted by many brands, each of which applies it in its […]

When creating a Your Gamify website that hosts chained contests you, as the creator, are required to prepare the needed basic information in order for the website to be published. Main phases: Preparation Start Duration Ending Preparation phase will help you prepare the needed content in order to have the website ready and operational. In this phase […]

Your Gamify is a complex ability type contest. The rewards are given out to the participants that are the highest on the ranking when the Your Gamify ends. Each participant gains points when he interacts with a Your Gamify website. There are three main ways to gain points as a participant: Participant points – Each participation […]

We are proud to announce that next 1st of October 2019 @ 13:00 CET, we’ll start our Public Sale of YourGamify tokens (GAM). In the meantime private sale has already started last 15th of July and will end on 30th August 2019. Pre Sale will begin on 2nd September and finish next 30th September 2019. […]